Ethereum Founder Anthony Di Iorio to Sell Decentral and Cut Major Ties to Cryptocurrency

Anthony Di Iorio will part with his major links with the cryptocurrency business and sell Dententral. So his current business can start a grant next year. Ethereum founder told CoinDesk in a telephone interview. “I’m a crypto guy and I don’t want to be called a crypto guy,” he said. “I’d like to be called in thinking of a problem.” Concerns about his safety emerged as “20% smart” on his phone, he said. While he could have ended his relationship with other blockchain companies where he was concerned. He revealed that he was using blockchain technology alongside other options in his future career. “There’s a central location and crypto can be a tool in my toolbar,” said Di Iorio.

He said he had already hired a public relations firm to work with its foundation and “look forward to further evaluation,” including hiring staff. The foundation will apply to various

industries and issues, although Di Iorio did not specify which ones.

He has hosted weekly “white sessions” with industry leaders and political leaders, including the Paraguayan conference and bitcoin (BTC, -1.02%)


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